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Who We Are

Hillscape Outdoor Solutions is a landscaping team dedicated to the communities. We provide amazing services for homeowners. From Southaven to Olive Branch, we offer our helping hands.

We are a loving family with an amazing landscaping team that shares one common goal, providing the best services to each client and community. We are a very experienced company that believes in integrity, honesty, communication, and hard work.

Why Choose Us?

What We Do Differently

Committed to High Quality

We let our work speak for itself as we provide the highest quality work in town. Committing to our clients and their needs motivates us to provide gorgeous landscapes. Our community is our home, and we are dedicated to improving the environment in which we live.

Experience is Key to Success

Our team is made of professionals with the most experience. We are learning daily and applying our skills to every project. Our experiences are what our reputation is built upon. The more experienced we are, the safer everyone stays, and our clients are provided with an amazing landscape.

Full-Service is the Only Way to Go

The best way to have the landscape of your dreams is to provide it with the best services we offer. You wouldn’t want only one part of your car washed, so why only service one area of your lawn? We provide you with the best services that increase the growth and the longevity of your landscape.


What We Offer

Landscape Install

Don’t stop with only designs of how you want your landscape to be. Installing landscape features is putting the whole landscape together. When the flower beds, patios, and landscape lighting are installed, you will be satisfied with your designs.

Property Maintenance

It’s important to keep mowing the grass, keeping flower beds weed-free, and your hardscapes free of debris and algae. Maintaining your property will keep it functional and green.

Skid Steer Work

Demolition is a big project that the pros should take care of! Our skid steer work provides a fresh start for your lawn. Hillscape is licensed to handle the pieces of heavy equipment required for transforming your landscape. We provide our own and clean up when the job is done.

Tree Services

Trimming weak and dying branches allows the trees to grow stronger. Keeping trees healthy is made simple with the help of Hillscape Outdoor Solutions. When branches get sick, trimming them stops the spread of disease throughout the tree and the spread to other trees.

Pool Installation

What is better way to spend a hot day in the sun than relaxing and playing in the pool? Installing this fun feature will allow your landscape to be immersive and beautiful. Hillscape is the best team for installing your pool, so it gets done correctly and safely.

Driveway Installation

Driveways are essential for vehicles to get off the road and stay off the landscape. Concrete and gravel are very popular choices for creating your driveway. The style of your driveway is completely customizable, and we install it for you, so it gets done correctly and safely.

Service Locations

Hillscape Outdoor Solutions provides our amazing services to the communities of Southaven, Hernando, and Olive Branch, Mississippi.


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